Sex Tips For Men

In 2009, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation published Sex Tips For Men. It has been one of the most popular guides we have ever produced, and when stocks ran low, we decided to revisit, revamp and update.

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The Battle For Burnley - CHE

Volume 1 of the official history of The Campaign for Homosexual Equality celebrating half a century since the birth of the modern LGBT rights movement in Manchester in 1964 is soon to be published and we have an exclusive extract to share.

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outnorthwest issue 117

As outnorthwest reaches the grand old age of 10 we look forward to Manchester Pride.

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outnorthwest issue 118

This issues is about the 10th anniversary of Liverpool's Queer arts festival HOMOTOPIA, what's going on for LGB&T people in Russia and interview with comedian Chris Coltrane about life as a bisexual man. Our next issue is our World AIDS Day special.

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outnorthwest issue 119

Where has the year gone? Here we are with the final edition of ONW of 2013. And of course, that means the traditional World AIDS Day issue. Our 14th.

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outnorthwest issue 120

Welcome to issue 120 of outnorthwest, guest edite by The LGF's Women’s Programme Coordinator, Siân Lambert.

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outnorthwest listings

Listings for the North West from the best FREE LGB community magazine around!

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outnorthwest issue 121

Welcome to issue 121 of outnorthwest - our last ever issue.

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Policy & Research

The LGBT ASCOF Companion Document

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) is the Department of Health’s key tool for measuring the progress of the adult social care system, supporting understanding of the outcomes and experiences of people who use care and support, and carers.

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BHP - Best Practice Case Studies

The best practice case studies outlining the benefits of supporting LGB&T people and their families, pulled together as part of the Building Health Partnerships project.

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