Beating About The Bush

In 2008, Stonewall’s Prescription for Change survey found that out of over 6000 lesbian and bisexual women who took part in the organisations research, more than half had recieved negative experiences in the health sector during the previous year, and only three in ten said that health workers did not make inappropriate comments when they came out. Half of those surveyed were also not out to their GP.

Therefore it is very important that information and resources specifically for lesbian and bisexual women are made widely available.

Beating about the Bush has been the LGF’s most requested resource to date, and after the original 2008 publication ran out, we were delighted to receive funding from The Department of Health in March 2009 to reprint the booklet which was produced following a consultation process with the lesbian and bisexual women’s community in the form of focus groups, with an age range of 18 – 60, and written by women here at the Lesbian & Gay Foundation, all of whom identify as lesbian and with an age range of 22 to 42.

This booklet has so far received nothing but positive feedback from lesbian and bisexual women, health professionals and the LGBT voluntary sector throughout the UK. Many comments recognise that there has been nothing like this produced before. Feedback includes:

"As a youth worker, particularly LGBT youth it is a constant battle to get material for lesbian, bisexual and questioning women in the groups. The LGF Beating About the Bush leaflet is fantastic. Not only does it look at the body, it describes sex and sexual health in a non-judgmental and informative way."
- Lenna Cumberbatch,

"We absolutely love the women’s sexual health resource, well done to all. Can we have 200 copies please?"
- Scottish LGBT group

"A well researched, well thought out, funny and informative resource. At last – something for lesbian and bisexual women!"
- LGF Service User

"An excellent resource, I’ve never seen anything like this and it will be a big help to our youth group."
- Brook Advisory London

"A really good resource, there’s nothing like this out there."
- Staffordshire Buddies

Published: 24/04/2012
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