Transforming Outcomes Report

The Transforming Outcomesreport has been produced following a large-scale literature review and through community consultation and asset mapping exercises with community groups and individuals.
It brings together evidence and data from many different sources including large-scale general population studies, smaller scale community studies and qualitative research to paint a vivid picture of the health needs of trans people and of their experiences of accessing health care and other services. The report also offers insight into trans community strengths and assets which we can learn from and engage with in order to better meet the needs of trans communities. 
The health needs of trans people are often hidden – both from within general health information and information on the health needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in general. ‘Transforming Outcomes; is the first large-scale, national report which tries to bring together all the available evidence to address this invisibility.

Published: 05/05/2017
Size: 2.5mb

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