Part of the Picture Substance Dependency and Help-Seeking Be…

Part of the Picture provides clear evidence on substance use issues among lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) populations.

A report published at the end of the third year of the study showed four distinct findings in relation to higher likelihood of drug use and binge drinking, higher likelihood of substance dependency and barriers to help-seeking in relation to substance use among LGB people.

This report further explores problematic and dependent drug and alcohol use and help seeking behaviour, particularly among those who indicated substance dependency.

This is the penultimate year of the POTP study, and in 2014 we plan to publish comprehensive recommendations for commissioners and policy makers, drug and alcohol service providers, the LGB&T voluntary and community sector, and LGB communities themselves. At present, we recommend implementation of the actions outlined in the Action Plan that was developed with key stakeholders in the substance use field following the launch of the 2009-11 report.

An accompanying report presents case studies based on the lived experiences of three LGB people with a history of substance use and/or current substance use. These three cases offer a useful contrast to the survey data, providing important biographical detail about the life processes and issues that inform decisions and actions around substance use.

Published: 25/09/2013
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