Gay Conversion EDM draft letter to MPs

Conversion therapy is the attempt by individuals, often posing as learned professionals, to alter the sexuality of gay or bisexual patients, who frequently approach conversion therapists in desperation, having been led through abuse from peers to believe that their sexuality is an illness.
Despite being condemned by virtually every professional medical organisation as both ineffective and psychologically damaging to LGB&T patients, conversion therapists are permitted to practice freely in the UK, most notably in the under-regulated psychotherapy sector. Indeed, a 2009 survey of 1300 British therapists revealed over 200 had attempted to change at least one patient’s sexuality, whilst an undercover investigation for the Independent found one conversion therapist claimed most of her clients were forwarded to her from her local GP’s surgery.
Sandra Osborne MP, alongside a cross-party group of sponsors, including Crispin Blunt and Stephen Gilbert, tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) against the practice of gay-to-straight conversion therapy. An Early Day Motion suggests a topic to be debated in Parliament, and is a good way to draw attention to a specific issue.
To really raise the profile of the issue of gay conversion in Britain, it’s vital that we get as many MPs as possible to add their names to this. You can write to your MP as a constituent and ask him/her to support EDM #219 on ‘Gay-to-Straight Conversion Therapy in the UK’. Labour’s LGBT+ network in Hull and East Riding has written a template letter to use, which you can download below.
For more information about the EDM, please see the Labour LGBT+ website:

Published: 25/06/2013
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