Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGB&T) feel alienated from their faith, with some having experienced rejection by organised religious groups, leading to general spiritual needs being forgotten.

This results in LGB&T people often finding it impossible to reconcile their sexuality with their faith, feeling they need to choose one over the other.

We wanted to produce a guide on faith and sexuality which would explore various different religions, the common conflicts encountered and ways of reconciling these.

The aim of this resource is to reassure lesbian, gay bisexual and trans people that whatever your personal beliefs there will be others who can support you both within your faith and in your sexual orientation.

Faithbook lists all major faith beliefs and some local, national and international groups and contacts for further information along with some useful further information on books to read ,films to see and research documents..

Included is a brief synopsis of views around diverse sexual orientation for each faith with an emphasis on positive understanding. While it is necessary to highlight some of the opposing views towards homosexuality in particular faiths we do suggest that you make contact with the LGB&T affirmative faith group working within that particular faith to understand how they individually have come to reconcile their own beliefs with their sexual orientation.

Faithbook aims to be inclusive although it is reasonable to assume that some faith groups may have been overlooked as it is not the purpose of this resource to provide a definitive guide to LGB&T faith organisations.

However we do hope that this resource will prove useful in finding contact with others who can support your needs and comfort in knowing that there are many other people who feel the same way as you do and please remember that you are not alone.

We would like to thank the many people who have helped put this guide together by sharing their thoughts and pay tribute to the LGBT faith groups that continue to offer support and promote understanding, acceptance and tolerance around faith and sexual orientation.

We hope you will find much in this resource to take forward for your self and others and should you require further support or information please do let us know.

This resource has been funded by  Faiths In Action

Published: 24/04/2012
Size: 860.5kb

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