Girls on Pop

We asked some women in Manchester about their drinking habits:
87% of the women we asked did not know how many units were contained in the alcohol they drank.

But like the women we spoke to, most of us are not aware of how many units we drink.
Or how many calories our favourite tipple contains.
Or what the health risks are.
Or where to go if we need support.

Research has found that lesbian and bisexual women drink more than heterosexual women (as carried out by Stonewall in their 'Prescription for Change' report).

In partnership with NHS Manchester, we've published this informative resource for lesbian and bisexual women to help pass on information about drinking safely and responsibly and looking after our health.

Whether winding down after work, going out at the weekend or ‘breaking the ice’, many women enjoy a drink or two. At the same time, we know many women are unaware of how their drinking habits might be having a negative effect on how they look, sex and relationships or their long-term health.

Unfortunately, drinking too much can lead to serious health problems; but how often do we actually stop and take check of what this actually means?

In this resource we take a look at why women like to drink, the effects of alcohol on our health and behaviour, where to get support, alternative ways to be social without getting worse for wear, and much more.

We hope this resource provides you with more information about alcohol and the effects it can have on you, so that you are better equipped to make informed decisions about what you drink, when you drink, and why you drink.

Published: 19/12/2012
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