Thanks For The Mammaries

This full colour 32-page A6 resource is all about breasts.

Information out there for lesbian and bisexual women is sparse, and often involves little or no celebration about who we are, particularly when it comes to our bodies.

In order to redress this, we've produced this resource to explore and celebrate all things breast related!

Stonewall's 2008 report on lesbian and bisexual women's health - Prescription for Change - found that one in twelve lesbian and bisexual women aged between 50 and 79 have been diagnosed with breast cancer, compared to one in twenty women in general.

Therefore it is important that we provide information to lesbian and bisexual women on breast health.

Getting to know yours, and her breasts can be fun and also very important and knowing how your breasts look and feel can help in the early detection of breast cancer.

Many women worry about their boobs being too big, too small, too droopy, not pert enough, not equal sizes…and looking at the images available in the media, this insecurity isn’t really surprising. However in the real world boobs come in many glorious forms. No two pairs are the same, which makes it all the more interesting!

Thanks for the Mammaries is a unique, fun, informative and light hearted celebration of breasts of all shapes and sizes, and also contains vital health information about the breast changes women can expect during their lifetimes, breasts and pregnancy, why you should wear a bra how to check for the early signs of breast cancer, what to expect if you receive a diagnosis and much more breast related info!

We hope you enjoy this guide and learn a little along the way.

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Published: 24/04/2012
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