Younger Men's Group


If you would like more information about support for younger gay and bisexual men, please contact our Project Co-ordinator - Wellbeing at

When: First and third Thursday of the month, 7.30pm - 9pm.

It’s a safe, non judgemental space where you can meet others, share experiences, and discuss topics that are relevant to you, such as; coming out, identity, stereotypes, expectations and pressures, stress management and sexual health. The group will have a fun aspect too, with games, quizzes, workshops and art projects.

It’s a drop in group, so there is no need to book ahead, although if you are nervous, a volunteer can meet you before the group starts. Everyone will be welcome in the group, and the group will respect others opinions, as well as being a supportive environment for young men to meet and build freidnships away from the ‘scene’ and outside pressures.

For any questions and access requirements, please phone 0345 3 30 30 30.

Frequently Asked Questions for our groups

1. Where is the group held?

The group is held at Number 5, Richmond Street, Manchester M1 3HF.  The offices are above Kiki's on Canal Street, however entry is on Richmond Street which runs behind Canal Street and is the same road on which Vanilla is on. Just press the buzzer, say you are here for the group, and you will be let in. We're just 5 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly station and is close to many bus stops.

2. Is it accessible?

There is a lift to all floors from street level, we also have stairs so if you don’t want to use the lift, say so when you ring the buzzer.

3. Is it anonymous and confidential?

Yes, at the beginning of the group you may be asked what your name is, you do not have to give your real name of course. We will also ask you to complete a monitoring form (postcode, gender, sexuality, age), this information can not be used to identify you and is used for data collection only. Again, you do not have to complete this.

What is discussed within the group is confidential, however there are times when confidentiality may have to be breached, for example if you or somebody else is at risk of harm, or where there is a requirement in law in the case of serious criminal offenses (in particular terrorism and money laundering). We also ask group members to be sensitive and tactful when outside the group.

4. Can I meet someone before the group starts?

Of course you can! The best way is ring us on 0345 3 30 30 30. That way we will know when you are arriving, so we can have a chat and a look round the building. It's a nerve racking thing coming to the group for the first time, and we want to make it as comfortable as possible, so ask us anything!

5. What's the age range of the group and how many people turn up to the group?

The age range for this group is between 18 and 25 and we usually welcome around 5- 10 people to each session!

6. Do I have to speak?

Not if you don't want to! Some people like to sit back and listen and others like to partake in the conversation, it really is up to you!

7. What's the environment like?

We have a lovely group room on the second floor, with comfy sofas, a kitchen to make brews in, a PC to use, as well as a pull down screen to watch films, a Wii and a Hi Fi!

8. What do you talk about?

We have discussions around anything relevant to being gay, bisexual or questioning young man, from coming out, to identity, to getting information about local LGBT groups.

9. Do I have to be 'out'?

No! The group is for people who are unsure of their sexuality, as well as people who are out but feel isolated. Other peoples' experiences about coming out can often help people who are unsure. You don't even have to identify yourself if you would prefer not to.

10.  Do you welcome trans people?

Yes!  Although most of our groups are for a specific gender (e.g. The Younger Men's Group), we regard gender as something people identify with and not necessarily what they were born into (i.e. trans people are welcome at all of our men's groups).  We will endeavour to plan discussions and activities that encompass LGBT experience free from prejudice or bias.  Our groups welcome anyone who identifies as LGBT, but we also recognise that people may choose not to identify themselves this way, or in another way, and that’s fine!   People who don’t identify within the binary are welcome to choose what group is appropriate to them.

11.  What about bisexual people?

Yes!  Bisexual group members are valued and welcome regardless of whether they are in a same sex relationship or opposite gendered.

12.  And questioning?

We fully welcome and support people who are questioning – regardless of whether they are questioning their sexuality or gender.  We fully support an individual’s journey regardless of what they choose to identify as.

Groupwork Agreement for all LGBT Foundation groups:

1.    Welcome all members to the group and help provide a friendly environment

2.   We have the right to speak and also to remain silent

3.   Anything discussed in the group should stay confidential, be tactful if you see other members of the group outside

4.   Try not to talk over each other, especially when people are presenting

5.   Try not to dominate discussion, other people may have an opinion

6.   Treat all members of the group with respect, even if you disagree with them.  Challenge the issue not the person

7.   Aggressive behaviour towards other service users, volunteers or staff is not acceptable and you will be asked to leave the group

8.   Do not access the group if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave the group and come back when not under the influence

9.   Mobile phones should be on silent, please step outside the room to use

10.  The group room in everyone’s responsibility, please help to keep the area clean and tidy

11. We have a number of groups that are specific to gender (for example, The Younger Men's Group), regardless of this, all of our groups welcome trans people, and those who identify on the gender spectrum. We will not tolerate transphobia, homophobia or biphobia in any of our groups. 

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