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Welcome to LGBT Foundation’s Evidence Exchange, an evidence base of statistics about lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) needs and experiences.

Topics range from healthcare to homophobia and schools to safer sex. The evidence base is continuously updated to include new research, and all records include as much information about the statistic as possible.

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87% of participants from queer sporting clubs reported that their clubs had policies that promote the safety and inclusion of LGBT people compared to only 12% of participants mainstream clubs.

Discrimination: Sport

Year: 2010

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When asked about safety and support, nearly half of transgender respondents said they were most worried about being a victim of a violent crime or harassment.

Crime: Hate Crime

Year: 2011

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76% of participants reported that they had not feared for their safety whilst at university although around half had deliberately concealed their sexual orientation or gender identity to avoid intimidation.

Mental Health: Coming Out
Discrimination: Education

Year: 2008

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