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Move It Club!

19th October 2020

Event Full Details:

Come and Move It with us!

Stretch n' Flex - Monday October 19th at 6.30pm!

Join Fiona for a relaxing virtual wellbeing session, focusing on simple stretches to enhance your flexibility, posture, and of course your mind, body and soul.

This is a beginner friendly workout, easing you into basic yoga poses, designed to empower you with a routine that can be done on a daily basis.

Fiona will be talking about the benefits of finding a daily practice, especially with regard to living through a pandemic. In times of uncertainty and fear, the process of making time to relieve stress and relax on a daily basis can bring us a sense of predictability and routine.

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Fiona knows the multitude of benefits that regular stretching and flexibility training can offer. She also knows the many reasons that people feel that stretching isn’t for them. But in her words “The benefits of stretching are for everyone. If you’ve never done yoga before, or you’re already a queen of relaxation, this session will have something for you!”

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*LGBT Foundation’s services for women are inclusive of trans women, non-binary people and gender fluid people who identify as lesbian, bisexual or questioning their sexual orientation.

Event Summary:

Date: 19/10/2020
Time: 18:00-19:00

Price per Person: Free