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Kiki (previously Queer), 4 Canal St, M1 3HE.

Gay dance bar and cafe in the Village.

Tel: 0161 228 1368

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Retro Bar, 78 Sackville St, M1 3NJ.

Live music venue and bar. Upstairs is a traditional student bar with a friendly, attitude-free atmosphere and serving home-cooked food. Downstairs, the Basement Club hosts live band and alternative club nights.

Tel: 0161 274 4892
Website: www.retrobarmcr.co.uk

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Taurus, 1 Canal St, M1 3HE.

Bar & restaurant on Canal St.

Tel: 0161 236 4593
Website: www.taurus-bar.co.uk

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The New Union, 111 Princess St, M1 6JB.

One of the original gay venues on Canal St. With hotel facilities.

Tel: 0161 228 1492
Website: www.newunionhotel.com

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The Rembrandt, 33 Sackville St.

Traditional pub popular with older gay men.

Tel: 0161 236 1311
Website: www.rembar.co.uk

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Thompsons Arms, 23 Sackville St, M1 3LZ.

Dance Bar in Manchester's Gay Village.

Tel: 0161 237 5919

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Tribeca, 50 Sackville St, M1 3WF.

Gay friendly bar on the edge of Manchester's Gay Village.

Tel: 0161 236 8300
Website: www.tribeca-bar.co.uk

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Vanilla, 39-41 Richmond St, M1 3WB.

Lesbian bar

Tel: 0161 228 2727
Website: www.vanillagirls.co.uk

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Velvet Hotel/Bar/Restaurant, 2 Canal St, M1 3HE.

Bar, Restaurant & Hotel on Canal Street. Food served daily.

Tel: 0161 236 9003
Website: www.velvetmanchester.com

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Via, 28-30 Canal St, M1 3EZ.

Popular bar with a dancefloor.

Tel: 0161 236 6523
Website: www.viamanchester.com

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View, 40 Canal St, M1 3HW.

Dance bar on Canal Street.

Tel: 0161 236 9033

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Jarman Clinic, Withington Hospital, Nell Lane Manchester.

Gay men's clinic Wednesdays 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

Tel: 0161 217 4939

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The Hathersage Centre, 280 Upper Brook St, M13 0FH.

Sexual Health Clinic.

Tel: 0161 276 5200 or 0161 276 5212

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North Manchester GUM, North Manchester General Hospital, Delhaunay's Rd, M8 5RB.

WALK-IN CLINIC Monday: 8.30am - 7pm (Register before 11am) Tuesday: 8.30am - 5pm (Register before 11am) Wednesday: 8.30am - 12pm (Register before 11am) Thursday: 8.30am - 7pm (Register before 11am) Friday: 8.30am - 5pm (Register before 11am)

Tel: 0161 720 2681

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North Manchester rapid HIV testing, North Manchester General Hospital, Delhaunay's Rd, M8 5RB.

Same day HIV test clinic.

Tel: 0161 720 2845

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Rusholme Health Centre, Walmer St, Rusholme, M14 5NP.

Tel: 0161 225 6699

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Outreach Clinic @ LGBT Foundation and other locations.

At various locations and LGBT Foundation. No appt needed. For details visit lgbt.foundation/testing

Tel: 0345 3 30 30 30
Website: www.lgbt.foundation Email: info@lgbt.foundation

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Rapid HIV Testing @ LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, M1 3HF.

Wednesdays at the LGF 12-2pm. No appointment needed. Results in 30 mins.

Tel: 0345 3 30 30 30
Website: www.lgbt.foundation Email: info@lgbt.foundation

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Mish Mash Cabaret, Circle Club, Barton Arcade, Deansgate.

Regularly holding a monthly show at the original KRO bar on Oxford Road in Manchester (opposite the Contact Theatre) every 3rd Thursday of the month. It starts at 8pm and it only costs £5 students / £6 non students on the door.

Website: www.mishmash1.com

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Alert, at Legends.

Fetish night, 4th Friday of the month - membership required.

Tel: 0844 884 8695
Website: www.club-alert.com Email: mail@club-alert.com

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Bollox, at Legends.

Alternative pop/indie night every 3rd Friday of the month.

Website: http://www.facebook.com/bolloxclub

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Club Fizz, Carlton Club, Carlton Rd.

Women only 2nd Friday of the month 9pm-1am. £5 (search facebook)

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Club Lash, at Legends.

Mixed fetish/SM night 2nd Saturday of the month.

Website: www.clublash.com

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Federation, at The Ritz.

Mainly gay male every bank holiday.

Website: www.clubfederation.com

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Homoelectric, at Legends.

Clubnight every other month in Manchester and London for homos, heteros, lesbos and don't knows. "A clubland mongrel with a big heart and an open mind."

Website: www.homoelectric.com

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Poptastic, at Alter Ego.

A club night where "Indie Kids and Pop Queens come together to dance, drink and get leathered while dancing to their favourite tunes."

Tel: 07974 248 247
Website: www.poptastic.co.uk

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Morning Glory, at Queer.

After hours gay bar every Saturday night (Sunday morning) - Every Sun 3:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

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Manbears present Hairy!, at Legends.

Bear night 2nd Saturday of every month.

Website: www.manbears.co.uk

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Out To The Theatre.

OTT has been running for 15 years arranging outings to theatre, cinema, concerts, art exhibitions and circulates these by e-mail. You are free to choose what you'd like to go to and sometimes the group meets before the theatre for a meal (again this is your choice). It's a good way to meet people, have an interesting evening and have something to talk about. Members can also choose events and organise them

Email: goingoutmanchester@yahoo.co.uk

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Albert Kennedy Trust, 5 Oak Street, Northern Quarter, M4 5JD.

Supports young LGBT 16-25 year olds who are made homeless or living in a hostile environment.

Tel: 0161 228 3308
Website: www.akt.org.uk Email: contact@akt.org.uk

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