Our brand

The most striking element of LGBT Foundation's new brand is our logotype. This new logo give prominence to LGBT which is bold and striking element of the logo. The rainbow bard gives further emphasis to who we are and what we do, and of course is an internationally recognised symbol of LGBT equality.

Please read these guidelines before using our logo. Remember that LGBT Foundation's logo must never be altered.

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.png colour black white
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If you require the logo in a format other than those provided, please contact design@lgbt.foundation.

Using LGBT Foundation's Logo

Which Logo?


The FULL COLOUR logo should be used as default when promoting LGBT Foundation as a whole on pale or white backgrounds.

LGBT Foundation Logo PNG

The WHITE logo should be used on block colours and dark images. We'd prefer it on our primary colour of 'Fig'. See further below about our preferred block colours.

LGBT Foundation Logo White PNG

The BLACK logo should be used when printing is exclusively black and white.

LGBT Foundation Logo Black PNG

Clear Space


The minimum distance between our logo and any other graphical elements, or the edge of the page is equal to the ‘T’ in LGBT (see image). This is important to ensure the signatures are always being reproduced and viewed in the most effective way.

LGBT Foundation Logo Spacing

Minimum Size


The sizing of our logo is important to ensure readability. Never reproduced the logo smaller than 20mm / 80 pixels wide (see images), regardless of media application.

 LGBT Foundation Logo Minimum Pixel SizeLGBT Foundation Logo Minimum Printed Size

Common Errors


The LGBT Foundation logo should not be altered or manipulated. Always present the logo fully, being clearly visible. The examples shown here illustrate some of the ways our logo should not be used.

LGBT Foundation Logo Incorrect Usage



LGBT Foundation’s primary typefaces are Arvo and Helvetica (see image). If you do not have access to these. Arial is an acceptable alternative to Helvetica, and is available across all platforms. There are no acceptable alternatives to Arvo. However, as this is a Google Font, it can be downloaded free from www.google.com/fonts. Please speak to your IT department if you have trouble installing this font.

LGBT Foundation Fonts

Colour Palette


LGBT Foundation uses 8 colours (see image). The primary colour is ‘Fig’. Complementary colours and their relative colour values are shown here for information, and may help you when presenting editorial or visuals regarding LGBT Foundation.

LGBT Foundation Colour Tomato
  LGBT Foundation Colour Kumquat


LGBT Foundation Colour Banana


LGBT Foundation Colour Cucumber


LGBT Foundation Colour Juniper


LGBT Foundation Colour Plum


LGBT Foundation Colour Fig
  LGBT Foundation Colour Dragonfruit

Body Copy

When referring to LGBT Foundation in your body copy, please use the following guidelines:



LGBT Foundation









0345 3 30 30 30



LGBT Foundation
5 Richmond Street
M1 3HF






'LGBT Foundation'



'LGBT Foundation'


Using LGBT Foundation's Posters

LGBT Foundation - We
Download our latest LGBT Foundation Posters at the Downloads section of our website