Public Sector Equality Duty

LGB people contribute to public services through taxation, and deserve an equal service compared to everyone else.

The Public Sector Equality Duty (part of the Equality Act) makes this a legal obligation for publicly funded bodies for the first time.

They will have to take ‘due regard’ of LGB people when designing and delivering services, by eliminating discrimination and ensuring there is equality of opportunity.

This means you can ask your council, GP practice or any public body what they are doing to support their LGB service users and staff.

If you feel you’ve been subject to any form of discrimination or disadvantage, put it in writing to a senior person in the relevant organisation. If your complaint isn’t dealt with please contact the LGF or another LGB organisation.

If you’re trying to get things changed in your local area, consider joining or forming a group. To find out about groups in your area visit:

List of Trade Unions:


08457 47 47 47

The Equality Act: Government Equalities Office

Equality and Human Rights Commission helpline

0845 604 6610

August 2011