Government LGBT Action Plan

In 2010, the Government issued the document ‘Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality’. In March 2011, a new action plan ‘Moving Forward’ was launched, setting out specific actions, such as;

Civil Partnership

The government aims to work with all those who have an interest in equal civil marriage and partnerships, on how legislation can develop.

Children & Young People

Homophobic and transphobic bullying should be tackled  by challenging behaviours in early life during school. This includes by giving more power to head teachers, reforming Ofsted inspections, reviewing standards for Qualified Teachers Status.


The government aims to use legislation to tackle discrimination and hate crime and use tough action when people break the law in this way. It also aims to work with communities to promote positive interactions between people.


There is a recommendation to work alongside the NHS and LGB&T people to ensure that the health care service is providing equal services and support, by increasing awareness and helping NHS providers appropriately collect data on sexual orientation.

Historic Gay Sex Convictions

The plan covers the planned removal of past convictions for consensual gay sex from criminal records.


The government are working with LGB&T support organisations, housing providers and their representative bodies, to provide guidance and support to landlords.

Immigration & Asylum

The aim here is to create and review the effectiveness of a new training programme, for asylum decision makers to support new guidance on managing claims on the grounds of sexual orientation.

LGB&T International Rights

The government seeks to work with and influence current and future holders of the EU Presidency and External Actions Services to include a focus on LGB&T issues and actively promote inclusion.

Public Sector Duty

This sets out to ensure that LGB&T people have a right to expect that their needs are met in the public sector and also aims to tackle discrimination and harassment and consider needs when designing and delivering services.


The plan aims to advance LGB&T equality in the work place by conducting and publishing research on the barriers and opportunities in the workplace, updating web advice on LGB&T rights and advice for employers.

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