"We Exist"

We Exist

Have you ever felt that you wanted to represent your community in something that you are interested in but never thought you could do it, or didn’t know how to get involved? If so then The Lesbian & Gay Foundation would like to hear from you.

Often the issues that directly affect the lesbian, gay and bisexual community may go unheard or un-addressed, unless there is an active voice around the table that is championing the needs of our community.

That’s why The Lesbian & Gay Foundation would like to encourage more lesbian, gay and bisexual people to represent themselves and the things that matter to them in all areas of public life. Areas where we are underrepresented, such  as in  schools, workplaces, housing, policing, politics, healthcare, infact anywhere  where our voices need to be heard and lesbian, gay and bisexual people need to be supported.

Download the "We Exist" guide - 1.5Mb .pdf

Know your rights for LGB people

It is vitally important that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are able to keep informed, and inform each other, on our legal and civil rights and how we can begin to use these rights in a way that will make a difference to our lives for the better.

There are still some areas in which the law does not allow full equality for LGB people but the more we feel confident about challenging areas in life where we are treated differently or unfairly, the more we can fight prejudice and discrimination in all it's forms.

We created a guide to serve as an introduction to a whole host of legal rights that particularly affect lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

The information in it is correct as of August 2011 however, because the law is constantly changing, it is always a good idea to seek expert advice on your personal situation.

Download the "I Exist" guide - 8.4Mb .pdf or
Check out the 'Your Rights' section on our website

LGB Community Champions

Community Champions can share knowledge and information and play a role in making a positive change; through either volunteering time, expertise or just lending a helping hand.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is committed to equipping you with the tools, information, assistance and guidance on how to support the needs of your community.

To get involved or to find out more about being an LGF Community Champion email info@lgf.org.uk or Tel: 0845 3 30 30 30 or write or pop in to: Number 5, Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF.

Pick up our new resource: "We Exist" to find out more.

Sexual Orientation Monitoring

Sexual Orientation Monitoring Guide

Service providers, such as GPs and councils, should be monitoring the sexual orientation of their service users in order to fully understand and cater for the specific needs of their LGB service users.

The LGF and NHS North West produced a guide to sexual orientation monitoring  Everything you always wanted to know about sexual orientation monitoring... but were afraid to ask, which aims to encourage public sector organisations to take the lead in implementing sexual orientation monitoring, by highlighting the benefits for organisations, staff and service users. Read more about the guide here.

When you use a public service, or you’re filling out a staff survey, and are asked about your sexual orientation, you may wonder why you’re being asked. Ticking the box on a monitoring form is an important way for LGB people to have their needs and experiences acknowledge – to stand up and be counted.

Find out why you need to tick the box >>>