Short-term and event volunteering

Would short term or one-off opportunities to get involved fit in better with your lifestyle?  There are loads of ways you can support us throughout the year without having to commit to a regular volunteering role. 

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We’ve included some examples below of how you might be able to contribute your time and skills. In the past, we’ve been supported by fire-breathers, underwear models, drag kings and more! If you have another idea of how you can contribute your skills, just email us at, or call us on 0345 3 30 30 30. We can also get you signed up to the biweekly volunteer e-bulletin so you can stay informed of upcoming events and one-off volunteering opportunities.

What can you do to help?

Community Engagement

Throughout the year, LGBT Foundation are involved with larger events where we have the opportunity to reach lots of people with our campaigns and messages.

This could range from turning up to a flash mob outside Manchester Arndale Centre, to marching with us in the Manchester Pride Parade.

This type of opportunity is perfect for people who are outgoing and love chatting to new people. 

Paul told us his story of why he volunteers for events.

“I work long hours, often six days a week.   As much as I’d love to commit to volunteering on a regular basis, with my lifestyle it just isn’t realistic. 

“I am so passionate about talking to gay and bisexual men about their sexual health.  I believe that by educating people about HIV and AIDS, I personally can make a difference to reducing the spread of HIV.  If just one guy practices safer sex as a result of a conversation with me, then I feel like my work has been done! 

“So far, I’ve helped by giving out Safer Sex packs over the Manchester Pride weekend (which contain two condoms and two sachets of lube), and by chatting to gay and bisexual men in bars in the Village in the week leading up to World Aids Day.”

We’ll try to keep this area of the website updated with details of how you can get involved with fundraising and community engagement, so keep checking. However, some opportunities arise on short notice, so the best way to stay informed is by getting on the volunteer mailing list. If you’d like us to email you with updates of upcoming events, then just email us at or call us on 0345 3 30 30 30. 


The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is a charity, and we need financial support from individuals who have a talent for fundraising.  Can you help us by arranging fundraising events in the workplace like dress-down days, or holding regular car boot sales or even taking part in a charity challenge event?  

Another way people fundraise for The LGF is by running! We have annual places in the ever-popular London Marathon, Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon and the Manchester & London Morrison's 10k runs, find out more by checking out our Run for the LGBT Foundation page

If running isn't for you, there are lots of other challenges people set themselves. For example, Jenny told us “I work in a sales environment which is target-focused and tensions in the office can run high.  It had been noted a few times in team meetings that the language used by colleagues was often explicit, so I decided to set myself and my team an interesting challenge… a week without using a single swear word!  I put a swear box on our bank of desks, and anyone heard using bad language had to put a pound in the box.

“Not only did this help to reduce tensions, it was a good team-builder, and best of all, we raised over £100 in cash for the Foundation!”

If you can help us by raising money to enable us to continue working towards empowering people and ending homophobia, then please contact the Volunteer Manager at

Community Action Panel

At LGBT Foundation, we produce lots of resources and documents to support the lesbian, gay & bisexual community.  These range from an information booklet about cervical screening for lesbian & bisexual women to a service user charter displayed in our Manchester city centre-based office. 

We occasionally need people with a good eye for design, layout and content, who are able to feedback information by email. 

Joanna told us “As I’m based in the Midlands, I am sadly unable to get physically involved with the Foundation as it’s a bit of a trek to and from Manchester for me!  When I found out about the Community Action Panel, I was overjoyed because it’s a way that I can be part of LGBT Foundation’s mission, as it’s a cause that is very close to my heart.

“I feel privileged to be part of this panel, and as I’m an arty kind of person, I like being able to use these skills as I don’t get to use them in my day job.”

Signing up to the Community Action Panel is really easy, we just need your permission to add your email address to the distribution list.  We will forward on our campaigns, resources and images for you to give your feedback on as and when they come up.  We'll sometimes also send out some short questions for you to answer, and then these will be put together and used to inform development of the resource.

To get involved, just email us at, or call us on 0345 3 30 30 30.