Myths about Equal Marriage

Here we pull together some of the most commonly believed myths around Equal Marriage.

  Same-sex relationships are a modern invention  

Throughout history there is evidence that same-sex relationships were celebrated in ancient Greece, Rome, China, Egypt and Europe.

  Marriage is an ancient institution and we shouldn’t change it  

Marriage has evolved hugely over the years from it’s very meaning to the vows that people take. It moved away from the focus on procreation to the idea of companionship. It’s natural for marriage to evolve with society and modern times. Sometimes change is good!

  Religious organisations oppose Equal Marriage  

The hierarchies of the Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths in Britain have been very outspoken against gay marriage. However, not everyone agrees with them within their own faiths.

Views are not unanimous and, as shown on our messages of support page, being a person of faith – in whatever capacity – and supporting same-sex marriage is not mutually exclusive.

  Letting gay couples get married redefines marriage for EVERYONE  

Marriage has been around in one form or another for thousands of years and has weathered far bigger changes than letting same sex couples marry. Allowing gay and lesbian people to marry will make it more popular and, therefore, stronger.

Lots of straight people want their friends and family to have the right to get married.

Marriage isn’t about gay rights – it’s about equal rights.

  Equal Marriage would open the doors to other types of marriage being recognised  

This argument itself is pretty weak and to compare gay marriage to bestiality or anything else is ludicrous. A marriage between gay, straight or bisexual people is essentially a binding contract between two consenting adults.

  Most people oppose Equal Marriage so it shouldn’t happen  

When the first fully-legal gay marriages took place in Amsterdam in 2001 the issue was very much considered a fringe issue. Since then support has increased massively and has come a long way in certain places.

In Australia 68% now support marriage equality. In 2009 61% of the British public said they agreed with letting gay couples have equal rights to marry. All around the world this is a massive issue, for any indication you just have to look at the recent US election to see what a major struggle it is and will continue to be for people everywhere.

It’s up to everyone to speak up about the issue, bust those myths and help society develop into a more equal place for everyone.

If you know any other myths, let us know so we can challenge them and put them up right here! Leave your comments below.

  • Jason

    Another myth is that religious organisations will be forced to perform same-sex marriages.