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  • Sharon

    I feel free! Finally I feel no different from the crowd: I am one of society; I am free; I can no longer be discriminated against; I can fight for my rights just like anyone else, knowing there is legislature to fall back on that says 'I have that right'; I can fly in the face of bigots and haters... I feel so free! I am equal xx

  • Laura

    Being in a Civil Partnership with my Polish partner Zusanna this is the next progression and has been far too long in coming.A momentous day is almost upon us.

  • jide

    I support equal marriage.it is a right for all who love it! Why not?.

  • Paul

    There are so many things of wonder out there, Birds of paradise, Scorpions and Snakes, Lions, Tigers, Dogs, cats, Elephants and Rhinos, Butterflies, the list is endless. All of them are not aware of God, Religion, Political or sexual persusion, they just are!! what they are. Gay people in my experience are some of the most creative, funny, interesting, kind, thoughtful and the most engaging people that I have ever met!!. I treasure my gay friends they are just another wonder to treasure in this life and I feel blessed that I have them in my life.

  • Diane

    Their excuse is religion, but how many none religious straight couples get married in a register office? I was once married to a man and have been with my current female partner for 18 years and we are in a civil partnership. I am not religious, but would like to be married, does that mean when I became a lesbian my rights changed? Is that OK?

  • Marc

    Hi Bill, my name is Marc Robinson and I approve the comments for the website though I only check them once or twice a day. We have an editorial policy of posting comments without bias however I am puzzled as to why you chose to post here under a section entitled 'Leave a message of support' when it clearly isn't what you're doing. Oh, and last time I checked God does not forbid Love, as you can see by clicking on the 'Community Support' page and reading the messages of support from Faith organisations in this section. Many thanks for getting in touch.

  • Bill

    Do all the comments get a posting or just the one-sided ones? I would like to be able to leave my email address but then again I'm not that naive.

  • Bill

    I'd like to oblige - you know "do as you would be done by" n'all but then I am always being tempted to compromise and I wonder what God thinks about people who think like this and go on to make demands to have what he forbids. We'll all know for sure soon enough, no doubt.

  • humphrey

    I fully support equal marriage

  • Ste

    The Gays should have the same right as The Straights to join the national divorce statistics but we need to be able to be married first m'kay.

  • Stan

    In the 21st century it is appalling that anyone should not have equal opportunities in anything. I support equality 100%

  • Robbyboy

    These same people against gay marriage, are the same people who would have voted against womens rights , then not accept foreigners into the country being racist, and now voting against gay rights. thank god times are moving in the right direction, equal rights for everybody, regardless of skin, colour, gender and sexuality. but no equal rights for bigots and people with hatred

  • Kerris

    Equality is a right for all human beings, marriage should be a right for all as well!

  • Susan

    I support equal marriage because every step forward for equality is a step forward for humanity. A step forward to a time where we don\\\'t live in a world surrounded by hate and bigotry. A future for our children and grand-children. Where they can grow up to be themselves rather than fearing who they are. Without fear of persecution and with the ability to have the same choices as everybody else.

  • T

    I don't 'have to' go back to Sweden to get married. Good feeling! Makes me feel like....oh yeah, like anybody :-)

  • Vixhall

    Marriage is so much more than where people point there bits. All significant realtionships are based on love, mutual trust and respect and those who are of the same sex should be allowed to celebrate in the same way as all those who choose different sex relationships. My undle lived with his partner for over 20 years and I know that his one big sadness was not being able to stand up and declare his love before God

  • Nejra

    Sad that we still have to campaign for everybody's equal rights. Looking forward to a better world for our children and our children's children. Love conquers all!

  • Megan

    I think LGBT marriage should be legalized because there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual/bisexual etc. it's not a label that you have to wear and let everyone know about. There's no job application (that i've ever seen) that asks you if you're gay. when you're being introduced to someone for the first time they say your name not your sexuality. For God's sake it's no one's business whether you like men or women or both - you're still a person and you still have rights.

  • Mim

    My best friend is gay. I really want him to have the same chances of being happy as I.

  • Lainy

    People are people all should have equal rights to marry, not giving equal rights to all is just another way to discrimanate and incite hatred. If god did not want us this way why did he create us.

  • B

    It should not need to be debated but I am glad the time has finally come where society is becoming equal.

  • T

    I support equal marriage. There is so much division, fear and discrimination in the world. What we need is more love for more people, not less.

  • Dave

    Gay men and Lesbians are peolpe like us all and should have all the same rights as everybody else. Lets get this sorted once and for all.

  • Emily

    I look forward to the day when marriage is fair and equal for all.

  • annbarber

    Gay couples should have the same right, to make a commitment in the sight of God, as anybody else.

  • Cairn

    I didn't vote on heterosexual marriage... so what gives anyone the right to vote on whether I can marry? The key term here is EQUAL Marriage, and not gay marriage. We are not asking for anything special or for something that heterosexual people have... all we ask for is equality. Is that too much to ask for?

  • Lulu

    I definately support equal marriage and no discrimination. Equality for all. Unfortunately what is proposed in this legislation is none of those things.

  • mascotty02

    should be made legal for everyone, we are supposed to be independant adults and make our own desicions in life so why should we be made to feel its not the right thing, where have our human rights gone, is it one rule for one and another rule for others, the so called do gooders need to get themselves a life

  • shell

    I cant wait to get married to my fiancee and fully support equal rights for every sex and gender relationships out there! Love cannot be defined by gender or sexuality..its just love. an emotion that hopefully every person will get to have.x

  • Nic

    I am equal to everyone else in society, I - work, pay tax & NI, pay council tax, pay TV licencing and abide by & uphold the laws of my country. So why at the minute unlike my heterosexual counter-parts am I not allowed to marry the person I love? Being denied this currently sends out a message that myself and millions of others are second class citizens just because we love someone who is the same gender as us. Civil partnerships were a nice idea but not sufficient enough, introducing and officially describing someone as my 'partner' makes it sound like a business arrangement rather than a loving union. In my line of work I put my life on the line everyday to protect our country, I don't ask for any special recognition for this and I don't want any - all I ask for is that I have the same basic human right to marry as everyone else and can refer to my gorgeous fiancee as my wife. Then I would be incredibly proud to say I protect a truly "Great" Britain.

  • tams2000

    I have sent an e-mail to my M.P. who is opposed to gay marriage because I am not only gay, but also a Christian with strong beliefs. I hope he will change his mind but I don't think he will, though is enough people take action we can change things.

  • SeanPert

    Equality should be exactly that. No other minority group would tolerate special arrangements that excluded them. End marriage apartheid!

  • LouiseHector

    There can be no equality for anyone in society until there is equality for everyone. As someone in a happy straight marriage I want opponents of Equal Marriage to explain to me exactly how letting two men or two women in love could possibly undermine my marriage. It isn't possible. I look forward to all my friends being able to celebrate their partnerships in they way that they choose.

  • RainbowTrikeTours

    Here at Rainbow HQ we fully support equal marriage. We believe that the law should not restrict people\'s right to demonstrate their love for one another.

  • Yvonne

    I support equal marriage because I want everyone to be able to get married if they wish to do so. I personally do not want to get married, but I know a lot of same sex couples who do, and I want them to be able to do so. Civil partnership is all very well, but it sends a message that same-sex relationships are somehow less than opposite sex ones. Anyone in a loving relationship should be able to get married, regardless of gender.

  • Themiliton

    Marriage equality is vital. Our relationships are as valid, loving and caring as those of heterosexual couples, and we deserve the SAME rights as they do.

  • DarrenKnight

    I\\\\\\\'ve contacted Hazel to speak about this...

  • sarah

    I support equal marriage