Running for LGBT Foundation

We have places in some of the biggest events in the 2015 running calendar including:

As part of ‘Team LGBT Foundation’ we can give you support and advice along the way to help you reach your training and fundraising goals. Every runner will also receive a free Enough is Enough! running top.

If you have a place in a run that isn’t on our list – then we’d still love for you to join our team! If you want a marathon challenge, why not sign up for the Greater Manchester Marathon on Sun 19th April - it's one of the UK's flattest marathons! 

For more information on running for Team LGBT Foundation get in touch - contact Bryna on 0845 3 30 30 30 or email

Click and read some of our runners' stories


John Finn
I ran the BUPA Manchester 10k as it was a great goal to help me stay fit.


Frankie Stevens
I really enjoy running as a result of taking part in the run and it has now become a hobby of mine.


Martin Cooper
An amazing experience and I can’t wait to proudly wear my LGF running vest again.


Serenity Security
Our team is as diverse as our customer base. Serenity Security will lead by example.

John’s Tackled the 10k


John Finn joined over 30,000 people who took to the streets of Manchester on Sunday 20 May 2012 for the BUPA Manchester 10k. Here he tells us why he has volunteered for the LGF for 12 years and ran in support of us

I started volunteering for the Foundation soon after it was formed in April 2000. Originally I was a volunteer for independent group Icebreakers - a self help, mutual support group in Manchester that helps gay and bisexual men aged 18 to 80 plus. I became more involved in the LGF and have volunteered in a variety of roles.

I’ve stood on street corners in the freezing cold shaking buckets and trying to pin red ribbons on people and walked round a gay sauna talking to half naked men as to why a sexual health check up is a good idea!

I was asked to join the board around 6 years ago and I have since become the Company Secretary for the charity, which basically means that I sign everything.

I got involved with the Foundation as it is so rewarding volunteering for such an important organisation. I ran the BUPA Manchester 10k as it was a great goal to help me stay fit. My position on the board has made me realise how the charity really needs the support of the public and how big a difference the money can make - especially in these times of financial hardship.

I have done the 10k twice before and it was a challenge - my tip is to get lots of training in beforehand! The run itself is great fun and there is a fantastic atmosphere. It’s a great feeling crossing the finish line with everyone cheering you on.

I would recommend it anyone who wants to set themselves a bit of a challenge. Raising money for the Foundation will support those people in our community who need the most help.

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Frankie conquered the BUPA London 10k


I took part in the BUPA London 10k in May and it was a fantastic experience, despite the extremely warm weather! I decided to enter the run for a couple of reasons, mainly to raise funds for LGBT Foundation but also to set myself a personal challenge. I had been meaning to get in shape for a while and this was perfect motivation.

The training was hard to start with but as I pushed myself further I got a great sense of satisfaction from seeing my times improve and from feeling fitter. Seeing people donating to my Just Giving page and reading their messages of support also encouraged to me to do the best I could whilst training.

The day itself was really fun; it was a new way to see all the London landmarks, with the race beginning and ending by Buckingham Palace, and for every famous landmark I went past I knew I was getting closer to the finish line. The positive atmosphere from the crowd also added to the excitement of the day and quickly got rid of the nerves I felt beforehand. When I crossed the finish line I felt as though I had achieved something special, not only in reaching my own personal challenge but in knowing my hard work would help the Foundation. To top it all off, I achieved a personal best on the day by completing the run in 1 hour and 6 minutes!

I really enjoy running as a result of taking part in the run and it has now become a hobby of mine. I would recommend taking part in a run as the experience is extremely rewarding and ultimately your efforts go towards supporting a worthy cause.

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Martin Ran a marathon against homophobia


Martin took part in the London Marathon on 22nd April 2012, completing the world-famous race in an impressive time of 4hr 37min 07seconds, running against homophobia.

He comments; "It was simultaneously one of the very best and very worst things I’ve ever done, but I would certainly do it again!"

"As I approached mile 19, a little worse for wear, a random stranger began running alongside me and asked, ‘is this your first marathon’. I wheezily answered ‘yes’. ‘How are you finding it?’, he asked. I told him that I was hurting, lots, and he reassured me by saying that it was hurting for everybody else too." 

"Then he said; 'just remember that the thousands of people behind you can all read the message on the back of your running vest, referring to ‘I’m running against homophobia’. My son came out 2 months ago and I’m so proud of him. And I’m proud of you' ".

"With that he sped away, leaving me roadside with a tear in my eye. An amazing experience and I can’t wait to proudly wear my running vest again."

If you would like to support our campaign against homophobia join our facebook pageEnough is Enough!

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Corporate support from Serenity Security Solutions


“I decided to get Serenity Security Solutions involved in the Great Manchester run for a number of reasons. It was a fantastic opportunity to get the staff to challenge themselves by engaging in an enjoyable team event whilst raising money and awareness for a worthwhile cause. We also wanted to continue to play an active part in the community within Manchester and the village leading the way for other companies however small or large to give up some time and effort for a good cause whatever that cause may be.

Here at Serenity Security we have a zero tolerance on discrimination of any sort and personally vet our staff. Our team is as diverse as our customer base. Serenity Security will lead by example and shatter the ‘bouncer’ stereotype. We encourage LGBT and LGBT friendly men and women who are interested in this line of work to contact us.

Coming from Manchester we wanted to support a local charity that made a difference to people's lives in a proactive way. Claire, myself and a percentage of our staff are part of the Manchester LGBT community and we feel strongly about combating homophobic abuse.

We chose the Foundation as our charity and more specifically the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign against homophobia because we have all been subjected to this kind of discrimination and hate crimes in the past, both in our personal lives and whilst working on events and doors throughout Manchester and the rest of the UK. This kind of abuse stems from ignorance and the LGBT Foundation are making the effort to try to educate those who are giving the abuse as well as supporting the victims of it.


I have been in talks with the Foundation about participating in further charity events this year and we will definitely do the Great Manchester Run and perhaps some other sporting events again next year. It would be nice to see other companies from different sectors getting involved.

After all, discrimination comes in many forms but it all boils down to respecting basic human rights."

Kam, Serenity Security.

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