Fundraising FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about fundraising for the LGF. If you have any other questions send them to and we'll respond as well as put the question up here too to help other fundraisers!

I’d like to take part in a run but I’m not sure if I’m fit enough

There is no doubt that it is a challenge! But as John who did the BUPA Manchester 10k says “it was a great goal to help me stay fit.”. Setting yourself a target really helps and we can give you training tips to help you along the way.

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit and requires no costly gym memberships. There are also some running clubs around Manchester such as LGB&T-friendly The Manchester Frontrunners ( You might even make some new friends!

I’m worried about raising the sponsorship money

It can sometimes look like a big task when starting out but you can easily break it down into manageable chunks! For example use these simple ways to raise £500:

Guide to FundraisingDownload!

  • Arrange a £10 menu at a local restaurant on a quiet night charging 5 friends £20 each - £100
  • Two car boot sales (get your friends and family to have a clear out!) - £100
  • Hold a quiz night with a raffle contacting local businesses for prizes - £100
  • Ask 20 friends and family for £10 sponsorship each - £200

We can offer you support and advice along the way. We’ll also give you a copy of our free resource ‘Guide to Fundraising’ which gives you some fantastic tips on how to raise money.

I want to organise my own event – any ideas?

Our free resource ‘Guide to Fundraising’ gives you some fantastic tips on the kinds of events you could organise as well as our top tips on how to raise money at home, work or in your community.

Get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking of doing and we can offer you support in advice. We might even be able to put you in touch with other people in your area who want to organise an event so you can work together!

I want to take part in an event that’s not on your list – how do I do this?

We have guaranteed places in some of the biggest runs of 2013, but if you wish to take part in a run, swim or cycle - or anything else for that matter – that isn’t on our list that’s great!

If you’re taking part in an organised event you need to contact the event organisers directly and see how you need to register to get your own place. We can then provide you with all the support and advice you’ll need to raise money for us such as sponsorship forms and our free ‘Guide to Fundraising’.

Do get in touch to tell us what you are thinking of doing!